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Our Solutions

Here are a few examples of our Know-How helping customers solve problems.

Living facts!


After sales customer services


One of our American customers (granulated wood processor and packer) was unable to get consistent weight in each bag.


Our technical experts went on site and rapidly identified a static electricity problem.  They found the exact place where the static electricity was coming from during the process and recommended to install a collector bar to solve this problem.  This addition solved the customer’s problem.


Product development


Our customer (soil packer) asked us to find a solution to reduce his packaging costs.


Our technical experts went on site to observe the different steps during the packaging and pallet process. They noticed that the customer used a vertical packaging system. Therefore, our technicians recommended the use of a down gauged film.

The new product created by PolyExpert was not only down gauged by 15% , it also made the packing process more efficient.


Air retention


Our customer (a bubble wrap manufacturer) experienced air retention problems.


Due to their knowledge and technical expertise, our experts were able to suggest a blend that improved the level of oxygen transmission and enabled them to attain the ideal level of air retention.

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