PolyExpert Expertise

A Model of Rigorousness
and know-how

Our Know-How

PolyExpert is proud to hire the services of qualified chemists, engineers, technicians and operators who contribute to our operations’ success on a daily basis. Always searching for the most efficient and effective film manufacturing technologies, we put continuous improvement among our top priorities.

We could never guarantee rigorously high quality without ensuring that our personnel acquire the skills necessary for attaining this goal. This is why each and every new employee benefits from a continuing training plan, as well as sponsorship and guidance from experienced employees.

Notre savoir-faire

Our Laboratory

Our internal R & D team is made up of enthusiasts who develop and fine-tune ever more cutting-edge and higher-performing films to meet clients’ requirements. Thus we submit every production to tests to make sure its quality is irreproachable and to validate product conformance.

L’excellence technique au service du client


Here is a list of tests we can conduct in our laboratory:

  • Measurement of impact resistance using falling darts
  • Measurement of light diffusion
  • Measurement of film profile thickness
  • Measurement of the friction coefficient
  • Measurement of surface tension using the ink test
  • Determination of opacity
  • Measurement of films’ tensile properties
  • Measurement of tearing resistance
  • Determination of sealing strength
  • Determination of calorimetric and thermogravimetric profiles
  • Infra-red identification
  • Coupled microscopy

In addition, our laboratory provides clients with certificates of analysis guaranteeing that films produced for them do indeed match client-provided criteria.

Technical Excellence Serving Clients

Our extrusion equipment allows us to produce a wide range of polyethylene films. Whatever your challenge, our team will help you find the film you need. Moreover, if you present us with a sample, we will make it a pleasure to carry out a reverse engineering analysis to enable us to develop a film that entirely matches your needs. Find out more about it!

Capacité de production étendue


Our Products Are Found on Several Markets

Our 9,300-square meter (100,000-square foot) plant houses numerous production lines accommodating extrusion and coextrusion of a wide variety of polyethylene resins.

Our films are the product of advanced machining with resins such as HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE and metallocenes.

Thus the films we develop based on a rigorous process control system are found in food and non-food packaging, in agricultural films or any other industrial application using films.



Our specialty films for food packaging made from FDA-grade resins are used for packing coffee, fresh or frozen produce, ready-to-eat foods, meats and snacks, just to name a few.

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    Non alimentaire

    We offer our clients a variety of films intended for the manufacturing of envelopes used in delivering mail and merchandise. Our structures used by numerous clients in heavy-duty shipping sacks (HDSS) for packaging products such as soil, gravel, fertilizers and more are just as popular.

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      Our films dedicated to industrial applications include mulch films in regular or biodegradable versions for agriculture. Our numerous other specialty products are used, for example, in manufacturing self-adhesive envelopes, interleaving films, adhesive tapes or surface protection films.


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