Based on the type of packaging called for, the various properties of our films designed for animal and pet food packaging will meet your requirements.


Our films’ properties are optimized for your industry

  • Characteristics
    Comes the time to feed our domestic hairy or feathered friends, we want to make sure pet food maintain their properties and conserve their taste and texture. Our films provide an impact and puncture-resistant barrier against moisture and grease. Available in single and multi-layer versions, they act as sealant webs or serve in high or low-density structures.
  • Products
    Our products suit dry foods and wet feeds for cats and dogs, pet treats, as well as grains, meals and mashes for livestock.
  • Applications
    Our films can suit all kinds of packaging such as mono or multilayer heavy-duty shipping bags, sealant webs in stand-up pouches, or as lining in multiwall paper bags. 

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