PolyExpert has acquired a rich, long experience in manufacturing polyethylene films. Whether your needs stem from food, non-food or industrial packaging, we will make it a duty to find the product that best matches your requirements. Should we not carry the film you are seeking, our technical service can develop a custom-made film just for you.

Here is the line-up of products that make up our specialty:

  • LDPE: Low-density polyethylene
  • LLPDE - Butene: Linear low-density polyethylene - Butene
  • LLPDE - Hexene: Linear low-density polyethylene - Hexene
  • LLPDE - Octene: Linear low-density polyethylene - Octene
  • mLLDPE: Metallocene linear low-density polyethylene
  • MDPE: Medium-density polyethylene
  • HDPE: High-density polyethylene
  • HDPE - HMW: High-density polyethylene – high molecular weight

    Call on one of our advisors to guide you in choosing the right film to meet your needs!

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