Widely used in various fields, multiwall paper bags are a sure bet for guaranteeing safety and sturdiness.


Our films’ properties are optimized for your industry

  • Characteristics
    Masterfully designed, our monoextrusion or coextrusion films used as multi-wall paper bag (MWPB) liners satisfy a large number of needs in the food, agriculture, construction, chemical and many other trades. Our selection can meet your requirements on levels of clarity, sealability, toughness and barrier.
  • Uses
    Foodstuffs like powdered milk, flour and sugar; other products such as animal and pet foods, horticulture products, chemicals, cement and sand are only a few examples for which our films are altogether suited.
  • Applications
    Our films complement the paper/polyethylene structure in various applications like sewn bottom bags (SOM), pinch bottom open bags (POM), square bottom bags (SOS), stand-up pouches, bag-in-a-bag applications, and many more.

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