Why PolyExpert ?

Manufacturer Dedicated to
Making Polyethylene Films

Solutions Tailored Just Right for Your Needs

PolyExpert is entirely dedicated to making polyethylene films.
We are a Canadian leader in this trade and also the largest independent manufacturer of such films.

We offer low-density, linear low-density, and high-density polyethylene films in single- and multi-layer versions. Our extensive line-up of high-performance polymer films meets requirements of converting clients and end users as part of a large number of varied applications.

By its sound advice and rich experience of the trade, our team contributes to our clients’ success, whether they do business in the industrial or agricultural sector or are converting. Our specialty products precisely and accurately satisfy numerous, diversified requirements.

PolyExpert is abreast with its times: we are concerned about the environment, and all our projects are carried out in compliance with sustainable development.


Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified

PolyExpert understands the importance of food safety in the supply chain as we have been serving this industry for many years. This certification testifies to the fact that our facilities and our procedures meet the most demanding criteria in terms of health and food safety. The SQF Certification confirms our real commitment to our customers and business partners. 


Why SQF and what are the benefits for clients?

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) program is a rigorous food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners and food service providers around the world. Issued by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the certification is designed to meet industry, customer and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain - from farm to consumers.


Client Converters and food manufacturers can benefit from our SQF certification on many aspects; 

  • It provides an additional guarantee that our procedures and processes are rigorously updated and maintained;

  • It provides additional confidence to all stakeholders who are part of a food packaging project, in terms of safety, quality, legality, traceability;

  • It saves costs due to a higher level of compliance;

  • It helps to limit risks in the event of force majeure thanks to contingency plans;

  • It assures you of an excellent degree of transparency vis-à-vis our processes and procedures


To learn more about our SQF certification, contact us now.



Solutions novatrices


Our technical team is constantly looking for new formulations or new resins to improve existing products that meet our customers' needs. We also work closely with our suppliers to develop structures to reach very specific properties. 

PolyExpert listens to its customers and is on the lookout for new trends in a constantly evolving market. 

Solutions novatrices


Our entire team of experts, including production, technical support, sales and customer service, has a one-track mind: your satisfaction!

PolyExpert’s personnel commit to providing the best films and the most attentive service possible.

Our future builds at the will of your success.

Amélioration continue

Continuous Improvement

Improvement is conditional upon not only continuing professional development, but also researching ways to optimize all the work’s aspects: improving performance and production processes, reducing the firm’s environmental footprint, cutting costs.

To remain competitive, it is essential to seek constant improvement.

Hauts standards de qualité

Exacting Quality Standards

Our products submit to meticulous quality control processes. Verification of formulations upon every production, calibration of all equipment, real-time data acquisition, standardized methods, complete traceability process. 

We do everything possible to ensure that you receive a high-quality product.

A Personalized Approach

Our team of experts works in partnership with our clients and suppliers in order to offer products and services that meet your specific requirements. We look for innovative, sustainable solutions within your budget.

We work along four action orientations:

  • a high-quality product;
  • superior customer service;
  • rigorous internal processes;
  • delivery within agreed deadlines.
Une approche personnalisée

The Same Objective for Almost 40 Years

Our history is one of performance and commitment, focused on technical excellence.

Founded in 1979 by Gilles and Ghislaine Plante, PolyExpert remains a family business to this day. Initially dedicated to the conversion market, our field of expertise broadened over the years to also cover film manufacturing for end users and farming. Today, we have become a major player in polyethylene film manufacturing and are considered a reliable source of procurement, whose specialty products are sold everywhere in North America.

Located only one hour away from the U.S. border, PolyExpert focuses on markets such as lamination, foods packaging, multiwall paper bags, agricultural (mulch) films and many others. Visit our Products page to find what you are looking for.

Our objective consists in supplying you with what you precisely need.


Lise Plante and founder Gilles PLante

Founder Gilles Plante and his successor, Lise Plante.