Multi-Wall Paper Bags

Our Multi-wall paper bags are a safe choice and are commonly used in many industries, especially when made with one of our high or low density polyethylene films.

Our films have been expertly designed to meet many needs in the food industry, building materials and more. Our films are synonymous with strength, sealability and consistency.

We offer film in tubes and sheeting. They provide a barrier to moisture or grease, as well as the strength needed to withstand palletization and transport. Among our range of products, we also offer high density films specifically created for paper bags filled by lines with spout fill, very common in the packaging of materials or for powdered products.

Economic and Ecological Option

Our many years of experience have enabled us to master the manufacturing of increasingly thin films. It is not uncommon for our customers to ask us for films as thin as 0.4 mil! Not only does the thinner film make the bag lighter which has an impact on shipping costs, they are also more eco-responsible.

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Interleaving Films

The quality and consistency of our high density interleaving films meet the most demanding requirements. PolyExpert films have the maneuverability and rigidity to protect all kinds of surfaces. The most common use of our polyethylene interleaving films is undoubtedly in the rubber and metal industries.

Our films can be used to protect stainless steel, aluminum in sheets or rolls. They can also protect flexible surfaces like rubber and help prevent two surfaces from sticking together or being exposed to outside elements.

Our customers have trusted our films for over 40 years now. We meet their requirements by providing films that will protect the most rigid and delicate surfaces.


We produce films specifically for the manufacturing of 360 degree-type labels, a packaging solution that is as attractive as it is economical. Made from copolymers, our films offer durability, scratch resistance, optimum elasticity and superior sealing properties.

Popular for household cleaning products, this type of flexible film is also widely used in the food, beverage, horticultural, chemical industries, and more.

Sleeves are typically applied to containers and bottles made of PET, glass or metal containers such as propane gas cylinders. For containers that are exposed to the sun, the addition of UV ensures the sleeves a better lifespan.

Adhesive Tapes and Surface Protection

Our films have many applications for surface protection. In the construction and renovation sectors, they are used, among other things, in the manufacturing of protective film for ducts and HVAC units, and for temporary protection of surfaces such as floors, carpets, counters or sheets of metal.

Adhesive tape manufacturers also call on us for our polyethylene films, which can be directly coated with adhesive materials or can be laminated to other substrates to achieve more specific characteristics.

Available in clear, white or blue tinted colors.

Heavy-Duty Bags

Used in the manufacturing of heavy-duty shipping bags, our films are strong and efficient. To pack, transport, protect; we have a wide selection of films suitable for the most demanding applications. Therefore, we assure the integrity of the bags is maintained!

We always strive to meet client’s needs. The bags made with our plastic films are among others used in the industrial and commercial sectors to pack cat litter, soil, wood chips, fertilizer, chemicals, and many others. Even gravel and sand will be well contained thanks to the ultra-resistant films that we offer for the transport bags.

Eco-Responsible Options

Without compromising on the strength and integrity of the bags, PolyExpert offers films whose thickness can be reduced. Thinner films reduce the amount of plastic used, which is good for the environment, but also increases efficiency during conversion. This is made possible by the use of efficient and innovative resins. With the help of various tests carried out in our laboratory, we are able to demonstrate that the characteristics of the bags made with our films are preserved!

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