With a comprehensive reflection on our processes at all levels of our company, we have identified optimization levers to make each of our actions more environmentally friendly while enhancing the quality and sustainability of our polyethylene films.
“It is with boldness and consistency that we pursue our efforts to integrate sustainability with the collaboration of the entire PolyExpert team.

Continuing our efforts to develop products that are fully recyclable or recoverable is one of our concerns. Eco-responsibility is not just limited to this, however; it affects all spheres of our activities and our daily lives.For us, it is also about providing and maintaining a healthy living and working environment, which promotes employee well-being and which is in tune with the contemporary business world.

Although there is still some way to go, we continue to advance our eco-responsible initiatives and are proud to contribute to a greener economy.”
Lise Plante, Executive Director

PolyExpert’s Charter for Sustainable Development

At PolyExpert, our commitment to sustainable development is synonymous with transparency.
We share our vision with our employees, clients, and partners so that everyone can embody our values and contribute to our efforts. Our sustainable development charter is here to help us not lose sight of our vision and to maintain the course.

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Sustainable Office Practices at PolyExpert

At PolyExpert, actions speak louder than words.
That’s why we translate our vision into concrete actions in our daily operational activities.


1. Plastic recycling

At PolyExpert, we breathe new life into plastic. We have a recycling line that enables us to process plastic scraps to offer high-quality recycled plastic. Each week, we recycle over 77,000 pounds of plastic. In 2022, this initiative allowed us to recycle 3.8 million pounds of plastic, marking a significant step toward cleaner future.


2. Massive reduction in our water consumption

In 2016, our water consumption amounted to 55 million liters. Thanks to ingenious initiatives, including the installation of nine thermostatic valves, our water usage has plummeted by 93%, reaching only 4 million liters in 2022. Cela équivaut à une annual savings of 51 million liters of water, equivalent to the volume of 20 olympic pools with a depth of 2 meters.


3. Heating savings and emission reduction

After water, we decided to address our heating consumption. We installed a heat recovery system that allowed us to save 494 tons of CO2 in 2022. These savings represent the average CO2 consumption of 107 cars per year, equivalent to a car circumnavigating the Earth 53 times.


4. Educate and Innovate

Education is at the core of our commitment. In 2019-2020, our employees delivered 7 conferences on the circular economy. Pierre Sarazin, our VP of Research and Development, won the best presentation award at FlexPackCon in 2019 with the conference "Flexible Plastic Packaging Sustainability – Will the industry be ready for 2025?".


5. Certifications for a sustainable future

Despite all the actions we implement in our environmental approach, it is important for us to provide common markers as a reference to our customers regarding our eco-responsibility commitments. That is why we have several certifications attesting to our efforts.

The ISCC PLUS certification is a voluntary system applicable to the bioeconomy and circular economy for food, animal feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles, and renewable raw materials derived from a process using renewable energy sources.

The ECO-RESPONSIBLE certification is a four-tier certification aimed at attesting to responsible practices in daily operations with a focus on collectively improving the quality of life and preserving the environment. It is based on the key principles of ISO 26000, the UN Globaal Compact, BNQ 21 000, and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Currently, we are in the process of pursuing the EcoVadis certification, which measures environmental, social, and ethical impact according to CSR principles. This globally recognized rating will enable us to take another step toward improving our corporate practices.

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