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We have developed excellent expertise by working together with our customers to determine which film is best suited for each application. Our polyethylene lamination films can be used for printing, ink protection or as a sealant web. Through tight collaboration, we engineer films that will ensure our customer’s success.


Lamination films must be consistent and have a perfect profile to be laminated to other surfaces. If your structure includes a polyester, paper, nylon, aluminum or other polyethylene film substrate, we can offer you a printing or sealing film that will allow you to achieve the desired properties.

Whether you are looking for low initial seal temperature (SIT), excellent seal-through contamination properties, easy tear and more, we can find the perfect film for you.


Our lamination films are widely used for food, pharmaceutical, medical and commercial applications where barrier properties and high performance are often required.

We also offer films for more specialized applications such as hot fill, lidding and the packaging of liquid or fatty contents. Thanks to our films developed with an increasingly efficient sealing layer, our films are well suited for high speed VFFS and HFFS equipment.

Eco-responsible Solutions

Our eco-responsible version of lamination films make it possible to manufacture bags and stand-up pouches entirely made of polyethylene. Due to their barrier properties, they do not require lamination with other substrates such as polyester for example. Thanks to innovative resins, our development team has found the perfect film recipes that provide stiffness, seal integrity and performance.

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