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Stand-up pouches are gaining popularity in food and non-food packaging. This type of flexible packaging can contain all kinds of products; dry foods, snacks, sweets and confectionery, powdered foods, liquid foods, sauces and condiments, etc.

Versatility and Efficiency

PolyExpert offers a wide range of polyethylene films that can meet your needs in terms of rigidity, sealability, efficiency, and clarity. The lifespan and integrity of your product are preserved and the visual aspect is enhanced. Our plastic films are also recognized for their unparalleled machinability, which is greatly appreciated by our converter customers.

Whether you need ultra versatile film to save costs or highly specialized film, we’ve got you covered!



Our most recent innovations for Stand-Up pouches have been developed with sophisticated resins allowing efficient low sealing temperature (SIT). These films are ideally suited for high performance Vertical Form Fill & Seal machinery (VFFS).

Eco-responsible solutions

PolyExpert is always on the lookout for innovation to reduce the ecological footprint of plastic packaging, and proud to offer a selection of mono-material films to manufacture fully recyclable stand-up pouches. Available as a single structure or for lamination, these innovative films meet a growing need for flexible packaging with reduced environmental impact.

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