PolyExpert acquired a 7 layers Reifenhäuser Evolution extruder

This new extruder will allow us to develop high barrier films. The applications for those film types are numerous and are essential in the food packaging and drug industries.

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We are proud to have our own laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment. Each batch produced is thoroughly tested to ensure irreproachable quality. We always strive for excellence.


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Our team of experts develops innovative and effective solutions and can customize the polyethylene films to meet your specific needs. If our polyethylene films do not meet your requirements, we can customize one for you. Experienced engineers, technicians and operators are at your service!


Our polyethylene films are the product of advanced engineering. They are used for food and non-food packaging, in agricultural and industrial films. We are particularly proud of our biodegradable and compostable films.

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