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Choose PolyExpert for Your Food Packaging

You will find the film you need for the manufacturing of food packaging among a wide variety of our polyethylene films. Our films can be used as a single structure for pillow pouches or laminated to other types of films. The final structure helps protect the integrity of the food and will ensure that the food retains its flavor and texture to the delight of consumers.

There are many desired characteristics for food films such as excellent sealability, puncture and leakage resistance and high rigidity when necessary. Depending on the specifications sought, our plastic films can guarantee a barrier to fats, humidity and oxygen. Our films are found in various types of packaging such as those found on the shelves of grocery stores::

  • pillow pouches
  • upright bags
  • high resistance transport bags
  • wicket bags
  • films for sealing food trays

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