Resistance and adaptability

Used in the manufacturing of heavy-duty shipping bags, our films are tough and efficient. To pack, transport, protect; we have a wide selection of films suitable for the most demanding applications. We can assure you the integrity of the bags will be maintained!

The bags made with our plastic films are often used in the industrial and commercial sectors to pack cat litter, soil, wood chips, fertilizer, chemicals, and many others. Even gravel and sand will be well contained thanks to the ultra-resistant films that we offer for transport bags.

Eco-responsible Options

Without compromising the strength and integrity of the bags, PolyExpert offers thickness reduced films. Thinner films reduce the amount of plastic used, which is better for the environment, but also increases the efficiency during conversion. This is made possible by the use of efficient and innovative resins. With the help of various tests carried out in our laboratory, we are able to demonstrate that the characteristics of the bags made with our films are preserved!

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