Why Choose our Polyethylene Films?

Our large selection of all-purpose polyethylene films includes low, medium and high density films. It is possible to choose from clear and color films like white, grey, black and a variety of other tints.

Our multipurpose films are available in different forms:

  • In sheet (sheeting)
  • In tube (tubing)
  • J-film
  • U-film
  • C-film
  • DWS (Double wound sheeting)

Common Uses

Single structure

Our multipurpose films are regularly used as a unique structure for manufacturing and printing commercial or industrial bags. Their versatility is always appreciated by our converting customers.

Food Sector

Multipurpose plastic packaging can serve several functions in the food industry. They are used in the manufacturing of bags for fresh food, dry food and even frozen food.

Certified Safe Quality Food (SQF), PolyExpert understands the importance of safety and compliance in the food supply chain. All of our facilities and procedures follow the highest standards for food safety and security.

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Industrial sector

In the industrial and commercial sectors, our multipurpose films are found, among others, in the manufacturing of mail bags and adhesive envelopes for e-commerce. They are also used for various industrial applications such as group packaging or surface protection.

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Ecological Solutions

For a few years, this category of products has lended itself to the addition of post-consumer (PCR) or post-industrial (PIR) resins. In order to reduce the ecological footprint of packaging, recycled plastics are integrated into the manufacturing of your plastic film.

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