Mulch films are an essential pillar of agriculture.

They play a crucial role in improving crop health and optimizing yields. However, when it comes to shopping, not all mulch films are created equal.

That’s why, as experts in manufacturing BIODEGRADABLE MULCH films since 2013, we have committed to producing solutions that meet the highest standards in the agricultural industry.

Moreover, we wanted to offer an option that maintains high yields while being biodegradable (made from corn starch and vegetable oils and GMO-free).

At PolyExpert, our commitment goes beyond simply selling mulch films for agriculture.

Our team of polyethylene experts, with their expertise in research and development, is dedicated to creating innovative, high-quality solutions that are perfectly tailored to specific needs and in alignment with current and future environmental challenges.

Our customer-centric approach, combined with our status as a direct manufacturer of plastic films, allows us to fully meet the customized demands of all types of clients in the industry.

Furthermore, our commitment to exceptional after-sales service and quick response times ensures your complete satisfaction.

100% biodegradable mulch films have all the benefits of our traditional SUNGUARD films.

Here are the benefits of using our bioguard mulch films
Labor Savings

The fact that the films naturally degrade in the soil eliminates the need for manual removal. It's a real productivity gain.

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The films are biodegradable and made from biosourced materials. After their degradation, no residue will end up in your agricultural land.

Weed Control

They effectively suppress weed growth, reducing competition for nutrients, water, and light. This reduces the need for manual or chemical weeding.

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Moisture Conservation

Mulch films help retain soil moisture and reduce the frequency of watering.

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Soil temperature regulation

Mulch films can help maintain a more stable soil temperature by insulating it from the external climate. This promotes healthier plant growth.

Soil structure improvement

By covering the soil, mulch films help prevent erosion by protecting the topsoil from water runoff.

Disease prevention

Mulch films create a barrier between the soil and the plant, reducing the risk of soil-borne diseases and pathogens reaching the plant.

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Crop quality improvement

The controlled environment can lead to better product quality and avoids contact with the soil, which can cause stains or mold.

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Acceleration of crop maturation

Plastic mulch films can absorb the sun's heat and transmit it to the soil, which can accelerate the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Increased crop yield

By combining the benefits mentioned above, mulch films maximize crop production, yields, and quality.

Extension of the growing season

Mulch films can help warm the soil earlier in the spring, allowing for an earlier start to the growing season or extending it into the fall.

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Reduction in chemical usage

Mulch films often reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides, contributing to more sustainable agricultural practices.

The natural degradation of the films in the soil eliminates the need for manual removal, resulting in increased productivity .

Unlike regular films, BIOGUARD mulch films do not need to be removed. They will naturally degrade once the soil is turned over with no ecotoxicity.

Since their composition is based on corn starch and vegetable oils and is GMO-free, once degraded, the films will transform into compost to aid in crop growth.

Interested in learning more about the use of our biodegradable films?

Consult the user guide

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Biodegradable films – Black
Usage Warms the soil, eliminates weeds, blocks UV rays.
Width 24'' to 84''
Gauge 0.5 to 2.0 mil
Length 2400 to 8000 ft
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Biodegradable films – White – Black
Usage Réfléchit la lumière, élimine les mauvaises herbes, garde les racines au frais.
Width 24'' to 84''
Gauge 0.5 to 2.0 mil
Length 4000 à 8000 ft
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Biodegradable films – Clear
Usage Warms the soil, retains moisture, allows an earlier harvest.
Width 24'' to 84''
Gauge 0.5 to 2.0 mil
Length 2400 to 8000 ft
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Biodegradable films – Green
Usage Warms the soil, allows a rapid and vigorous root growth, eliminates weeds.
Width 24'' to 84''
Gauge 0.5 to 2.0 mil
Length 2400 to 8000 ft
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Biodegradable films – Ash White – Black
Usage Reflects light, prevents seedlings overheating, prevents light penetration, reduces weed germination
Width 24'' to 84''
Gauge 0.5 to 2.0 mil
Length 4000 to 8000 ft
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