PolyExpert is proud to have reached Level 3. Optimum of the Ecoresponsible certification

Invested in the Grand Mouvement ÉCORESPONSABLETM for 4 years now, PolyExpert obtained its first level of certification in 2018.

It is by setting in motion many sustainable development projects that we have been able to reach level 3 so effectively. Among the initiatives that have been implemented recently, we find:

  • The 95% reduction in our fresh water consumption involved in the production cycle
  • The change in our ventilation equipment allowing an 80% reduction in the use of natural gas and 526 tonnes of GHGs, or the equivalent of 170 unused vehicles.
  • The construction of a gym and a large cafeteria to promote the well-being of employees
  • The installation of eight charging stations for electric cars
  • The marketing of a polyethylene film intended form fully recyclable pouches, and for which we received an award from the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec –
  • Presentations given by PolyExpert at North American forums and conferences on the subject of the circular economy.

The sum of all these efforts has not only enabled us to reach level 3 of the certification, but also to integrate eco-responsibility into our decisions and our organizational procedures.

At PolyExpert, we have embraced our role in the future of generations and acknowledged that we can positively influence stakeholders in our sphere of activity. Other projects are already on the drawing board and will be added to our Eco-responsible road map.


Aiming to promote, accelerate and facilitate the integration of sustainable development principles and the implementation of ecoresponsible practices, the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Certification, audited and issued by ECOCERT Canada, is an initiative of the Sustainable Industries Council. The program offers progression through 4 certification levels, including level 3. Optimum that recognizes the organization’s contribution to improving its track record in terms of sustainable development and to exerting its influence through its actions and activities.

Écoresponsable Level 3

Ecoresponsable Certification Level 3 – Optimum verified by Ecocert Canada