NEW: 7 layers high barrier films

7 Layers film enable integration of EVOH Ethylene-vinyl alcohol inside, or PA Polyamide Nylon or a combination of the two.

EVOH is known as one of the best resistance barriers to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. This is particularly suited for packaging food, drugs, cosmetics, and other perishable products.

Nylon found numerous applications for its unique combination of properties like mechanical strength, transparency, thermoformability and barrier to oxygen, chemical and aroma substances.

3 Layers films

Three-layer Polyethylene films, with proper selection of resin, will provide better properties of regular monolayer film: better optical (transparency, shininess) and better mechanical (toughness). Those properties are obtained through a combination of different types of PE which maximized their effects.

With the right combination, it is also possible to reduce the thickness of 20-30% without reducing the film quality. This allows economy of material and cost.

Monolayer films

PE Monolayer films have numerous applications. They can be composed of LDPE or HDPE et are used to create a different kind of bags, agricultural mulch or lamination films. PE properties make it the perfect choice to seal different type of films at other substance, especially for food packaging.

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