An Integrated Sustainable Development Structure

PolyExpert believes that eco-responsibility is a tremendous lever for innovation in order to achieve excellence for our products, our customers and future generations. Our environmental concerns are at the heart of our governance through an integrated sustainable development structure and a circular product approach.

To support the integration of the principles of sustainable development into our activities and give our teams the means to achieve our ambitions, we have adopted a governance structure that allows us to monitor and maintain our efforts over the long term:

  • Strategic planning aligned with the four dimensions of sustainable development
  • An annual action plan based on a dynamic continuous improvement approach, known as agile
  • An eco-responsible committee consisting of key internal members.

A Circular Product Approach

As a manufacturer of polyethylene films, PolyExpert strives to plan and materialize sustainable solutions for products, production processes and the entire value chain. To promote innovation and the circular approach, from design to end-of-life product management, we have put in place three initiatives. 

  1. A broader responsibility approach around our activities by establishing a constant dialogue with our external stakeholders in order to offer a larger range of sustainable products:
    • With customers to specify the desired characteristics of the products
    • With universities to advance specific eco-responsible projects and to offer internships on sustainable development to engineering students
    • With the recycling industry to reflect on the disposal of products that have reached their end of usable life
  2. Business development focused on building relationships with new clients specifically targeting the realization of projects based on the circular economy
  3. The establishment of a research, development and innovation framework within the production teams and the integration of our continuous learning into the R&D processes

key Developments

All of our efforts have led to the achievement of very promising results in terms of the carbon footprint of our products and processes. This has been observed in several ways:

  • The gradual reduction in film thickness (from 10% to 40% reduction on certain grades in the multi-wall paper bags market and that of heavy-duty shipping sacks
  • The gradual integration of recycled resins (from 20% to 50% recycled resins in certain products)
  • The development of compostable and biodegradable products in order to serve growing niche markets
  • The development of flexible recyclable packaging, such as our polyethylene film, which won the Regional Prize for Innovative Project awarded by the Order of Engineers of Quebec for the Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudière region
  • A new recycling line launched in July 2021

Our selection of sustainable films
sac de couches films ecoresponsables
Bundling bag with recycled material
sachet recyclable films ecoresponsables
Fully recyclable Stand-Up pouch
sac compostable films ecoresponsables produce
Compostable Fruit & Vegetable bag
heavy duty bag films ecoresponsables
Heavy-Duty shipping bag
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