PolyExpert has helped create new types of medical masks with a polyethylene window: the Humask by Entreprise Prémont. Made to help people with hearing loss, these protective masks were quickly adopted in care centers, health centers and daycares.

The ultra clear film for this application has anti-fog and anti-reflective properties which, when ultrasonically sealed, provides the necessary airtightness to meet Health Canada standards for surgical masks.

Medical Gowns

Medical gowns are used in various healthcare settings, such as emergency departments, intensive care units, and clinics. The appropriate type of gown is selected based on the context and the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

We offer several films for the manufacturing of medical gowns. Clear or blue tinted, these films are used in the manufacturing of isolation and protective gowns as well as for non-surgical gowns.

Lamination Films

Various laminated material structures are commonly used to meet requirements in the packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Our most recent innovations in this field allow us to offer a variety of films that will meet your needs. Our plastic films ensure reliable sealing and increased performance and are often found in different grades of sealant films for bags and pouches.

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