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  1. Recycling plastic scraps for the manufacture of post-industrial recycled resin
  2. A quality resin
  3. Towards a reduced environmental footprint

Recycling plastic scraps form producing Post Industrial Resin
PolyExpert is now ready to meet its recycled material needs with the recent acquisition of a recycling line. Before, the recycling of film trims and scraps was done by a external company that shipped the resin by truck once our polyethylene was recycled. This whole process represented time, economical,  and environmental constraints. Now fully up and running, the new recycling line, that has a capacity of recycling 850 lbs of plastic per hour, will definitely meet our recycled resin needs.

A quality resin  
Since we use our own scrap and unused film as raw material, we control the content and can ensure its quality. This resin, which is called Post Industrial (PIR) is then integrated, at different percentages, in our recipes for the manufacture of all kinds of films. This can then take the form of packaging, protective films, in commercial or industrial applications. For example, our films containing recycled resin are used, among other things, in the manufacture of envelopes for mail or parcels.

Towards a reduced environmental footprint 
The realization of this project helped lowering our environmental footprint at various levels. Since the installation of this line is in our own premises, this avoids transporting plastic scraps by truck to other processing sites. We thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. In addition, the use of recycled material in plastic films reduces the amount of virgin resin that goes into their composition. This reduction has a real impact on the ecosystem since it reduces the use of fossil fuel extraction.

Ligne de recyclage PolyExpert

Plastic scraps being recycled and the resin as a final product