Our Approach

Following the first sustainability assessment carried out in 2017, PolyExpert really became aware of its ecological footprint and made a commitment to develop sustainable plastic solutions, as well as adopt a process of investigation and continuous improvement, in order to reduce environmental impacts of its production processes.

PolyExpert invested $ 2.5 million in 2020-2021 to reduce the footprint of its facilities.

After an overwelming success with its water management project, PolyExpert is now tackling its carbon footprint and energy consumption head-on. PolyExpert takes on a more influential role everyday within the evolving manufacturing sector and in search of inspiration.

92% Reduction in Water Consumption

The consumption of water in the production chain was PolyExpert’s first sustainable key issue.

After having measured an annual consumption of 45,000,000 liters of water and mapped the major consumption points on the production chain, several reduction measures were implemented:

  • Installation of nine thermostatic valves;
  • Replacement of some processes with glycol, allowing better overall water management.

Changes the following year led to a consumption of 20,000,000 liters of water which was certainly a great success, but PolyExpert wants to do more. Following a new analysis, two new areas for improvement have been identified:

  • Watering faulty air conditioning units during the summer heat;
  • Electric panel coolers using water.

Since 2020, The glycol has replaced the water in the coolers and we have started to gradually replace the air conditioning units.

Our perseverance and commitment to the environment have so far reduced the annual water consumption to 3.5,000,000 liters. An accomplishment that has proven that minimizing your environmental footprint is also a lever for modernizing and optimizing productivity.

Working Towards Energy Sobriety and Carbon Neutrality

This learning now gives us confidence in our ability to significantly reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint.

PolyExpert has already taken the first steps to achieve energy sobriety:

  • Replacement of lighting in the offices, plant and warehouse, which reduced from 948,531 kWh to 417,116 kWh, ie a reduction of 56%;
  • Ongoing analysis of heat recovery options (heat pumps, solar preheating, glycol recovery);
  • Change in ventilation in progress, aimed at reducing the use of natural gas by 80%, and by 526 tonnes of GHGs, ie the equivalent of 170 unused vehicles.

PolyExpert wants to measure and control greenhouse gas emissions to become a real ally in the mitigation of global warming. A carbon footprint strategy will soon be carried out according to the GHG Protocol and will allow PolyExpert to set ambitious and science-based reduction targets, to lead the company towards carbon neutrality.


PolyExpert is proud of the efforts made by its team to reduce the environmental footprint and is especially keen to share its experience and learning to encourage other players in the manufacturing sector to commit to sustainable development.

PolyExpert employees had 7 conferences in 2019-2020 on circular economy and in 2019, the Research and Development Manager, Pierre Sarazin, won the award for the best presentation within the framework of the FlexPackCon organized by the SPE Flexible Packaging Division with the topic Flexible Plastic Packaging Sustainability – Will the industry be ready by 2025?


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