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A Family business


PolyExpert is a family business with success based on a close-knit and passionate team. The human values of listening, dialogue and the search for excellence through collective effort have always been at the heart of PolyExpert’s DNA. The eco-responsible ambitions of the company have only confirmed that the organizational culture and the working environment of employees are inseparable from the success and ability to innovate on a daily basis.

An Innovation and Collaboration Culture
The desire to do things well and to continuously improve

The satisfaction of our customers and their success are paramount to us. We tackle each project with the same desire to create quality, well-thought-out products. We spare no effort when we have the opportunity to improve or optimize the performance of our films to help converters achieve their goals.

Openness and transparency

A dialogue between employees and management is supported by an Open Door Policy, making frankness and listening essential. For instance, employees receive a monthly newsletter with the latest advances from PolyExpert. They are also invited twice a year to a meeting aimed at reviewing the company's performance and defining the next objectives.


Employees regularly witness a friendly and easy-going atmosphere within the company, where efforts are also accompanied by laughter and enthusiasm. The management encourages this atmosphere by regularly organizing bonding activities.

Collective innovation

Always with the priority of offering the best service to our customers and meeting their needs, our teams work together in an way that promotes collaboration, unity, creativity and the sharing of ideas. This is how they continue to innovate and which led to the development of a range of eco-responsible products.

Prioritize Well-Being, Safety and fulfillment at work

The physical and mental well-being, health, and safety of our employees are prerequisites for their development of our accomplishments as a team. PolyExpert management is constantly attentive to the needs of employees and has been involved for several years in 3 major initiatives:

Training plan and succession plan
Performance review
Feedback and evaluation process
Development of the global compensation policy
Revision of working hours
Welcome program for new employees
Improvement of physical premises offered to employees
In 2018, the Opening of a gym area , integrating weight training and cardio equipment and offering personalized training and kinesiology services
Construction in 2018 of a new large, modern and comfortable cafeteria
Installation of picnic tables in outdoor spaces
The reinforcement of occupational health and safety (OHS) measures in a continuous improvement process
Creation of a dedicated OHS committee
Structuring of OHS files and monitoring of performance indicators
Establishment of incentives to reward good security approaches
Establishment of medical support via an online platform


Sustainable travel

To encourage the adoption of sustainable modes of transportation, PolyExpert has installed outdoor bike racks as well as charging stations for electric cars.


Social Engagement

PolyExpert participates in solidarity events and supports non-profit organizations (NPOs) close to its heart. Efforts include, among others:

  • Participation in the Mud girls Run event in 2018, part of the proceeds of which was donated to the fight against breast cancer.
  • Participation in a 100-ton waste collection mission in Laval.
  • Support for the Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Laval, a non-profit organization that aims to help children and teenagers with adjustment difficulties and with social, emotional and family problems. Through its actions, the foundation aims to remove certain financial barriers by allowing the realization of personalized projects for these children and teens for whom no public funding is possible.

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