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Concerned about its environmental footprint, the well-being of its employees and customer satisfaction, PolyExpert has adopted an eco-responsible vision since 2018: creating wealth and contributing to sustainable development.

At the heart of this vision is PolyExpert’s desire to take responsibility for the impact of its activities and transform its business model in order to participate in building a better world for future generations.

In this regard, we wish to maintain our vocation as a polyethylene film manufacturer by offering solutions adapted to the needs of the market, and to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible. This contribution will be made with the help of a network of strategic partners who share the same desire to unite their efforts to innovate and develop sustainable products. The participation of PolyExpert employees is at the heart of this eco-responsible vision.


It is with boldness and consistency that we pursue our efforts to integrate sustainability with the collaboration of the entire PolyExpert team.

Continuing our efforts to develop products that are fully recyclable or recoverable is one of our concerns. Eco-responsibility is not just limited to this, however; it affects all spheres of our activities and our daily lives.

For us, it is also about providing and maintaining a healthy living and working environment, which promotes employee well-being and which is in tune with the contemporary business world.

Although there is still some way to go, we continue to advance our eco-responsible initiatives and are proud to contribute to a greener economy.

Lise Plante, Executive Director


At PolyExpert, our commitment to sustainable development is also synonymous with transparency. We share our vision with our employees, customers and partners so that everyone can embody our values and contribute to our efforts. Our Sustainable Development Charter is there to help us not lose sight of our vision and to stay the course.

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PolyExpert embodies this vision on a daily basis and cements its commitments in a first strategic plan 2018-2023 structured according to the four dimensions of sustainable development: governance, economic, social and environment. Substantial efforts are made and maintained by PolyExpert employees, managers and partners to make this vision a reality. The first results obtained since 2018 on the 4 initiated projects have been promising!

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In 2017, PolyExpert turned to the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification from the Conseil des Industrie Durables du Québec to help with the sustainable development and structure of efforts in a strategic and efficient manner. Based on a continuous improvement process deployed on 4 maturity levels, the Eco-responsible Certification is an internationally recognized certification, taking into account in particular the main principles of ISO26000, the UN Global Compact, BNQ 21,000 and the Global Reporting Initiative. Audited and issued by the ECOCERT Group, this certification is for PolyExpert and partners a guarantee of performance, expertise, trust and legitimacy.

In 2021, PolyExpert obtained Level 3 – Optimum.



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