Our films’ properties are optimized for your industry

  • Characteristics
    All the films we manufacture provide superior sealability, toughness and puncture resistance to make sure that shipping sacks provide top-notch resistance and maintain content integrity. We offer clear, white and white/black films for various uses.
  • Uses
    Films used in making heavy-duty shipping sacks are supplied in single- and multi-layer versions to package, among others, horticulture products such as fertilizers, compost, soil and plant mulch; abrasive products like sand and gravel; and toxic products such as chemicals and ice melt crystals. Grocery stores also use this type of bag to display certain fruit and vegetables.
  • Applications
    Our food grade monoextrusion or coextrusion films are used for many products conditioned on vertical (VFFS) or horizontal (HFFS) form-fill-seal equipment.

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