100% recyclable solutions: Monomaterial packaging

In response to the market’s aim of 100% recyclable packaging by 2030, PolyExpert developed, fully recyclable, PE-based mono-material, barrier packaging solutions. Mono-material packaging mainly aims to replace usual multi-material composite layered and/or non-recyclable packaging, in applications ranging from food packaging to the pharmaceutical industry, including personal care products.

These mono-materials improve recyclability and are a revolutionary logical and ecological evolution in the packaging industry.This solution is composed of two layers of PE films: One as a print web and the other as a low sealable PE layer. This product has been developed to replace non-recyclable multilayer materials, maintaining the same safety and quality standards of already-existing solutions. Both can be supplied with high barrier EVOH and/or PA and can be made as a HDPE (#2) or a LDPE (#4) final structure.


Usage of recycled content


Mechanical PCR

Mechanical Post-consumer recycled content, often referred to as Mechanical PCR, is material that is made from the items that consumers recycle. These materials are typically collected, by local recycling programs and shipped to recycling facilities to be sorted mechanically into bales.

They are purchased and melted (or ground) into small pellets and molded into new ones. The new PCR plastic material can then be used to create new film, which some are also FDA approved for food packaging.


Advanced PCR

Advanced Post-Consumer Recycled content often referred as Advanced PCR is material that is obtained through Advanced plastics recycling. Also called chemical recycling, the process refers to several different technologies that convert post-use plastics into their original building blocks, specialty polymers, and feedstocks for new plastics, chemical products, waxes, and other non-fuel products.

The whole process of created polymer is started again as if it was virgin polymer. The resin obtained through this process is a high quality one that is easier to get approved by the FDA that can be used in the food industry.



Post-Industrial Recycled content, often referred as PIR, is the Reprocessing internally called ‘in-house recycling’. PolyExpert installed is own recycling line in September 2021. Essentially, waste from the cutting process are then melted down, rolled again and new PE pellets are created.

This in-house process has the advantage that the input resin type is known and controllable. Post-industrial plastics are also in a pre-contamination state, making the process of recycling back to use high-quality plastic pellets simpler.


Biodegradable solutions

Since 2013, PolyExpert has offered a range of more eco-responsible mulch films. Our biodegradable films are made from corn starch and vegetable oils and are non-GMO. They will therefore degrade as a result of the action of natural microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae, and they will decompose into carbon dioxide and water.

These films have all the advantages of traditional mulch, in addition to save time and resources. Since they will degrade after the soil is turned over, they do not need to be removed. This always results in significant reductions in labor costs.

Made from renewable materials and producing no ecotoxicity, biodegradable mulch films have a lower impact on the environment. This is because biodegradation does not produce any toxic residue.

Our Approach

At PolyExpert, innovation and sustainability are part of our daily actions and decisions. We are concerned about our ecological footprint, the well-being of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers; we want to create wealth and contribute to sustainable development that respects the environment. As a leader in the manufacturing of polyethylene film, we are proud to take responsibility for our activities and transform our business model to contribute to a greener world.


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