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  • Characteristics
    The quality of polyethylene lamination films will have a direct impact on your operations as well as the final package’s appearance. This is why it is so important for us to develop high-performance films with the needed characteristics and properties.

    As a sealant web: Our sealant web films provide excellent sealing and impact resistance, with or without a moisture barrier, based on the application needed. They will suit, among others, medium- and high-speed equipment as well as hot-fill packaging. In certain instances, our films act as a middle layer in reverse print operations. 

    For lidding: Our peelable films carry excellent sealing attributes and can be laminated to paper, polyethylene and polypropylene substrates, or can be metallized. The barrier and peel strength may vary based on your criteria.

    Generic-use films: Our economical solution used in a wide range of applications, with various levels of clarity, strudiness, rigidity and sealability.
  • Uses
    Our films are used for packing a variety of foods, animal and pet food, maintenance products and more. For example: frozen products, sugar, grains, meats, cheese, pet treats, snacks, dairy products, or products requiring additional toughness and puncture resistance such as bird feeds, ice melt crystals, fertilizers, etc.
  • Applications
    The most common packages made from our lamination films are stand-up pouches, pillow pouches, and heavy-duty shipping sacks. They serve as a single structure in certain lidding applications.

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